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Using our algorithm, you can select the talents ideally suited to your missions.
How does it work?


Post a mission ... and tac! you receive a quotation.

Define your criteria: energy, expected skills, places of intervention, deadlines, our algorithm will select the best profiles that match your mission in anonymized format.


Select the best talent and purchase access to their detailed profile.

Select the proposals best suited to your needs. Using credits, you can purchase the proposal(s) to reveal pricing details and information about the talent.


Contact the selected talent(s).

Once you have purchased the proposal, you are then free to contact and talk with the talent as you wish.

Reveal the talent's identity by purchasing the detailed proposal.

Because on tacNtic proposals are anonymous, to access the full profile including contact details, you simply show the one that interests you. For this purpose, we suggest several offers to refill your business account in one easy step!

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Less inequality, more opportunities

Combat discrimination and corruption, and reduce your carbon footprint while facilitating access to your missions for students, young graduates and people with disabilities. With us, you are off the beaten track, our strength is to offer you professional contacts with the right skills to meet your missions, with no other selection criteria. Together, break down the world of energy, to give everyone a chance.

Why choose tacNtic?
25 years of experience in the field and on platforms
An international success recognized by the largest contractors (Total, Shell, Saipem, Apave, ...) and business journals (The Financial Times, Les Echos, ...)
Energy in all its forms, this is what we know
Having started out in oil and gas, we are now opening up our expertise and our talents to other energy markets, in order to meet your continuously developing business needs.
Deeply human values, just like your own
Like you, we measure ourselves by those values that are the underlying wealth of the tomorrow's business: distinction, equality and access for those with disabilities.